- buy falky a ticket

I’ll buy you a ticket if you can get your butt over here

your hair isnt even LONG pussy up maurice you got THIS

All the years of training has come down to this. I’m ready. Also my hair got even shorter from the last time you saw it haha

youve got two days have fun birthday boy

I will drink until I can’t remember in two days. Someone better hold my hair

I doubt they would remove features such as secret bases, at the very least because they wouldn’t want to piss off the already reactive fanbase

They already took out decoration in HG/SS and there hasn’t been bases since D/P/PT. So unless they surprise us like they did with pokemon following you (this is all I want gamefreak), I can see them taking it out

"not trans" that’s literally all it means.

I thought it has to do with race too or something

i know we won’t agree on the subject, but you kinda just equated yourself to stealing a bike. people will see you posting unsourced art as stealing whether you like it or not. but hey- i get it, it’s your blog and i’m not trying to pick a fight!

oh yeah sorry I’ll just drop it. I just figured I’d give you my side of the story since you’re not anon

i have a question. why do u SUK?

because I’m a horrible human being


it really is, maurice!

I’ll tell you the same thing I told gold. I’m using tumblr as a centralized location for the fanart for myself. Not for the notes or anybody else. Using the chrono feature I can go back to the start of TPP and see the fanart in the order I found them. No other website or service as the same design and accessibility as the tumblr share and tag feature and I can do it in 2 steps from anywhere on my phone or my computer. I will post the source if it’s linked on SA or Reddit, where I find the fanart, and I like that more because I know where it is and who to give credit to. I’ve followed all the tumblr blogs I found where the artist has drawn the art because I find that I like their other artwork too.

Basically it’s 2014. If you haven’t learned to put a signature on something you post on the internet then it’s not my fault. I haven’t cropped out signatures and again I’m not getting paid for it. This is something I’m doing for myself and I don’t care what anybody else says. If I could have made it private and used the same feature I would have done it already.

christophosaurus replied to your photo
nobody cares about your shit magic girl tpp poop wit no source push POSH TO U

its tru tho man, you never source anything

find me a way to find sources other than checking the comments of the reddit post on an android device that’s faster than hitting share>tumblr>”twitchplayspokemon”

Communism doesn’t fully demand an honor system u but. Butt anarchy and communism are p much opposite

I don’t know the way I was taught was that communism shares everything and everybody gets the same amount as everybody. Which is a really great system if we didn’t have greed or ambitions. However once you start stealing it completely disrupts the system since then not everybody gets the same amount as everybody else.

That said, I guess they’re in favour of radical social change over one specific societal structure

Yeah I guess they’re trying to say “I HATE THIS SYSTEM GOVERNMENT” rather than “I HATE ALL FORMS OF SYSTEMS OF GOVERNMENT” 

Also it’s favor and color not favour and colour! USA!

saintcheshire answered to your post “How do you write to someone on a dating site? I’m all like “YOO I see…”

whats ur dick like homie what r u into

I seriously don’t know if you’re asking or you’re telling me to put that because I’ll do both!

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the manliest gay

do it do it no i love you dont do it but do it it’ll be funny

she’ll for sure say yes score dude

wingman of the year