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i bet apple is going to be hit with a bunch of lawsuits after this.

I doubt it. Usually when this happens it’s because the celeb had easy security questions(“Name of Dog”, etc) and that’s how the “hacker” got in. If it’s an actual security flaw on Apple’s part then who knows. There’s always been security hacks like what happened to PSN in 2011 but nothing like this. The judge said it wasn’t Sony’s fault for that so who knows what will happen with Apple.

yeah evidently apple is storing pics after deletion. mary elizabeth winstead’s nudes were long deleted before they were leaked, according to her twitter.

yeah I saw that, which is a bit worrying. If anything maybe Apple just marks them as trash and overwrites them as you fill up the storage(computers do that and that’s how you can recover data). If that’s the case, then it’s seriously bad. It implies that iCloud is severely compromised for not just celebrities but a whole bunch of people since the guy can see things normal users can’t

the best part was that there was 3 police cars. Literally 3 police cars came to check what I was doing just because I was checking tumblr and waiting for my friend to get home in a super rich white community.

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Yup no reason either. No alcohol or drugs. Straight up had everything checked, hands on the trunk of the police car, and they ran my id through the system. Called me “nacho libre” and then told me to be safe.


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I was taking celexa for a while bc I was always tired and didn’t make effort to do anything. it made me more energized and stuff, but then I stopped. now I just feel kinda irritable and blah… I didn’t want to take it anymore though.


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try asking about lexapro

Oh it’s not the pills I’m worried about. I just found out the alt from my liver is really high so I might have a liver problem. I don’t know if taking meds is a good idea but I’ll ask tomorrow. The blood tests are before I took the meds too so I’m not sure what effect it’s having on my liver


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doesn’t work that fast buddy!

oh well shit haha I’ve been waking easier and happier lately but I guess it’s just a placebo effect then

He couldn’t remember until she said “Planet”. It was rigged but she still beat him god bless her

Oh I’m not saying she’s not great. I’m just saying I’m pretty sure Vin Diesel just wanted to see if she knew it

- buy falky a ticket

I’ll buy you a ticket if you can get your butt over here

your hair isnt even LONG pussy up maurice you got THIS

All the years of training has come down to this. I’m ready. Also my hair got even shorter from the last time you saw it haha

youve got two days have fun birthday boy

I will drink until I can’t remember in two days. Someone better hold my hair

I doubt they would remove features such as secret bases, at the very least because they wouldn’t want to piss off the already reactive fanbase

They already took out decoration in HG/SS and there hasn’t been bases since D/P/PT. So unless they surprise us like they did with pokemon following you (this is all I want gamefreak), I can see them taking it out

"not trans" that’s literally all it means.

I thought it has to do with race too or something

i know we won’t agree on the subject, but you kinda just equated yourself to stealing a bike. people will see you posting unsourced art as stealing whether you like it or not. but hey- i get it, it’s your blog and i’m not trying to pick a fight!

oh yeah sorry I’ll just drop it. I just figured I’d give you my side of the story since you’re not anon

i have a question. why do u SUK?

because I’m a horrible human being


it really is, maurice!

I’ll tell you the same thing I told gold. I’m using tumblr as a centralized location for the fanart for myself. Not for the notes or anybody else. Using the chrono feature I can go back to the start of TPP and see the fanart in the order I found them. No other website or service as the same design and accessibility as the tumblr share and tag feature and I can do it in 2 steps from anywhere on my phone or my computer. I will post the source if it’s linked on SA or Reddit, where I find the fanart, and I like that more because I know where it is and who to give credit to. I’ve followed all the tumblr blogs I found where the artist has drawn the art because I find that I like their other artwork too.

Basically it’s 2014. If you haven’t learned to put a signature on something you post on the internet then it’s not my fault. I haven’t cropped out signatures and again I’m not getting paid for it. This is something I’m doing for myself and I don’t care what anybody else says. If I could have made it private and used the same feature I would have done it already.

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nobody cares about your shit magic girl tpp poop wit no source push POSH TO U